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Vintage Parts Inc. - About Us
  Vintage Parts, Inc. was begun by Bob Scott in 1972. Bob was an English teacher and head of the Drama Department at Glendale Community College at the time. He decided to take a six month sabbatical from the college and go to London, England, to study acting and attend plays. While in England, he went to Germany to buy VW parts for a friend back home. Intrigued with the simplicity and formidability of the parts, he brought back extra to sell. When Bob returned home, he took the parts to a swap meet and was overwhelmed with their popularity. People knocked him over! He soon traded his 1949 MG TC for a split window Bug, and bought a load of VW parts. At first he had a small industrial garage-type shop, and was only open part time. But within two years, he had quit teaching and was selling VW parts full time.

At first he sold only split window parts, then progressed to oval window parts, and now the business covers VW?s up to 1977. The first catalog lists semaphores for $18.00 each and heart taillight assemblies for $30.00 each (NOS, of course). Wouldn?t that be nice now? In the beginning, we carried original NOS and OEM parts only. We still carry NOS and OEM parts whenever they are available, however, out of the necessity, we now carry lots of replacement parts as well. Twenty-six years ago, when Vintage was started, people were ?dumping? VW parts. One of our early buys was 10,000 German 36hp push rods. When parts are no longer available, we often manufacture a part ourselves in the U.S. and other countries. We currently manufacture more than 100 items for the early VW bug and bus. Bob retired in 1994, but stays involved, mostly in an advisory capacity. He is currently putting the finishing touches on a novel (no, not about Volkswagens!) Vintage is currently owned and managed by his step-son, Shawn.

Vintage has a ?museum-type? of shop with lots of memorabilia for their customer?s viewing enjoyment. There are dozens of original 30? x 40? VW poster ads, a 36hp cut-a-way on a stand and a tunnel case transmission cut-a-way on a stand. There is a NOS 1956 Sunroof section hanging from the ceiling, and a NOS early rear quarter section and a restored oval dash hanging on the wall. The ?Bird Cage? beetle (the body is made of wrought iron) is in the show room. It is a 1972 Beetle with 100 original miles, it is driveable and has in fact been used in parades. The car was purchased from Chick Iverson, the first VW dealer in L.A. Chick said that he and John Wayne used to go to the local hamburger drive thru in the car. Lastly, there is a Herbie (The Love Bug) front hood on display, complete with autographs from the actors, including of course the one and only Dean Jones.

Of course we also have the usual array of moto meters, heart taillights, semaphores, 100,000 km. badges, split window molding and ribbed bumpers, and the like.

Vintage is located between Dreamworks and Universal Studios in beautiful downtown Burbank. Be sure to check out our Map for complete driving instructions from your house.

Vintage Parts Inc.
25011 West Ave. Stanford
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